Since we focus a lot of wealth creation topics here at Real Estate Success Link I wanted to take a minute to share some information on creating a prosperous lifestyle.
I began thinking about writing this post after reading a post titled Prosperity Through Simplicity by Steve Cook . Steve did a great job discussing how he created a great deal of wealth and had a good lifestyle but then he adjusted his lifestyle and encountered a time where he constantly had to make more to support his lifestyle.
As you work on your wealth creation with Real Estate and other streams of income it is very important to know what type of lifestyle you want to create. I think a lot of people strive for a lifestyle full of riches and finer things in life because they think this is what they should do or is what shows others they are successful – when really this may not be the lifestyle you really want and trying to go after this lifestyle puts you in a cycle where you can’t enjoy things because you have to create more wealth to sustain this fake lifestyle.
Building wealth is wonderful and is a large focus of this site – however a person’s wealth is not determined by the size of your bank account alone. A person’s true wealth in my opinion is how they live their life and how they are able to spend their time. In my opinion a person making a million dollars a year and working 60 hours a week is poor compared to someone making $50,000 a year but only working 10 – 20 hours a week.
As you are building your wealth make sure to keep your lifestyle goals in mind and don’t allow your wealth creation to let you lose focus of the lifestyle you want to create.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.