Higher Rents

Earth Walker Properties
Max Cash Flow Program for Higher Rents

Alf and Jeanie Gizzo with Earth Walker Properties have  developed a program that has allowed them to capture much higher than market rents on their single family residence properties, even when other landlords were struggling to generate cash flow.


Now that Alf and Jeanie have refined their system they are ready to share it with other investors so that they can also capture rents that are substantially higher than market.

If you haven’t already read Alf and Jeanie’s e-book or watched the webinar you can do now at these links:


Max Cash Flow Webinar

Now that you are ready to capture higher rents and obtain maximum cashflow on your properties Alf and Jeanie have put together two ways that you can get all of the information and support you need to get started.

There are two programs available, a 12 Month Coaching Program and a 2 Day Boot Camp.