As I share more information on how to get started with Internet Marketing I wanted to share a couple of additional resources today that you can use to get ideas for niches that will be popular.

The site 43 Things is a site that allows people to share their goals and resolutions with others.  It really is a neat way to find others that support your goals, however the reason I am pointing it out is for a section on their called the 43 Things Zeitgeist that displays the top goals for the day as well as the most popular goals of all time.  If a goal/topic is on these lists there is probably a good chance there are hungry buyers for this topic.

Another resource for finding a niche with a following is Yahoo Answers .  This site features questions and answers and gives you a good idea of some things that people are looking for.  You may be able to take one of the popular questions and produce some content around it and begin to draw a following.

There are several other ways to find a niche to promote as you begin with Internet Marketing, however these were a couple I wanted to share with you today.